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In West Hunan: Native Plants Investigation is Ongoing

In early September, 13 experts headed for Badagongshan National Nature Reserve and Tianmenshan National Forest Park in west Hunan. They aimed to invent the native plants according the list of threatened grades assessed by the experts.[...]

 2017-09-20 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

Discussion on Conservation Methods for Native Plants in South China

  Workshop on the project “Inventory and Conservation of Native Plants in Guangdong Province[...]

 2017-09-19 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

Chen Jin visits Nanjing Botanical Garden. Sun Yat-Sen

  The second phase of Full-Coverage Protection Plan of Native Plants in China now has been promote[...]

 2017-09-14 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

Chen Jin lectures at “Botanical Garden Development and Management” Training Course

  The “Botanical Garden Development & Management” training course 2017 is ongoing at S[...]

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Two New Members Join CUBG

Lately two arboretums have joined CUBG. These two are Daqingshan Lime Stone Arboretum and Xiashi Arboretum. Until now, there are totally 102 members in CUBG.[...]

 2017-09-12 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

More Than 4000 Species Will Be in Conservation in Hunan

Eleven experts, experienced in plant classification and wild plants, spent three days “holed up” at the end of August assessing the native plants in Hunan Province.

 2017-09-08 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

2017 XTBG Marathon: Run into Tropical Forest

It is Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden’s premier running event, offering athletes an unmatchable running experience in the tropical forest.[...]

 2017-09-07 - Jiao Yang - Read More »