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2017 CUBG Horticulture Training Course Opening Ceremony Holds in Kunming

2017 CUBG horticulture training course opening ceremony held in Kunming Botanical Garden on November 2, 2017. More than 50 people including 21 staff from 13 botanical gardens attended the meeting.


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Native Plants Conservation in Qin Mountain is On the Way

After three-day discussion, 17 experts from scientific institutions and universities, proficient in field survey, finally listed the endangered status of the native plants in Shannxi Province, especially in Qin Moutains.[...]

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CUBG course on ex situ conservation techniques completed

To meet the need and improve capacity building, the Chinese Union of Botanical Gardens (CUBG) organized a training course on ex situ conservation techniques from October 24-27.

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Magical Microworld: Shade Plant Shows in Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden will hold an exhibition about shade plants in micro landscape on October 16, 18 bryophytes , 40 ferns and 150 gesneriaceaes to be shown.[...]

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Academic Annual Conference 2017 of Chinese Botanical Gardens held in Chongqing

The Annual Academic Conference 2017 of Chinese Botanic Gardens was held in Chongqing municipality, southwest of China during October 9-13.[...]

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Botanical Gardens Brainstorm for PIMS in Chongqing

On October 9, 44 staffs from 22 units, with the system developing engineers, gathered together in Chongqing Nanshan Botanical garden to discuss how to optimize the system variously.

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Rapid Assessment Meeting held in South China Botanical Garden

36 experts from botanical gardens, scientific institutions, universities and natural reserves gathered five days in South China Botanical Garden, CAS, assessing the endangered status of the plant species in Guangdong province, southern China.

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