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Botanic gardens try to save all native plants of China

  With Chinese Union of Botanic Gardens (CUBG) as a coordination agency, botanic gardens in China[...]

 2016-03-21 - Ai Chongrui - Read More »

CUBG presents at 2015 BGCI International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens

  More than 300 botanic garden educators from 43 countries convened at the Missouri Botanical Gard[...]

 2015-05-11 - Ai Chongrui - Read More »

A New- concept Botanical Garden to Be Establish in Sanmen,Zhejiang

  China is stepping up its efforts in strengthening anti-pollution laws. The Environmental Protect[...]

 2015-05-06 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

XTBG conducts assessment of endangered status of plants in Puer area

  Plant taxonomists and field botanists gathered together in Puer during April 5-9 to assess the e[...]

 2015-04-21 - Ai Chongrui - Read More »

Exhibition of Rare and Endangered Plant Species holds in Xi'an

  What’s the panda in plant kingdom? What’s the oldest plant in the world? If you want[...]

 2015-04-10 - Jiao Yang - Read More »

Yunnan Governor Chen Hao inspects XTBG

Mr. Chen Hao, governor of Yunnan Province, paid an inspection tour to Xishuangbanna Tropical Bot[...]

 2015-03-23 - Ai Chongrui - Read More »

CUBG’s program of cover-all native plant species going on well

Since the launch of the “Full-cover conservation plan of native plant species in China” in 2014 by the Chinese Union of Botanical Gardens (CUBG), much progress has been made.[...]

 2015-02-10 - Ai Chongrui - Read More »