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Chen Jin visits Nanjing Botanical Garden. Sun Yat-Sen

  The second phase of Full-Coverage Protection Plan of Native Plants in China now has been promoted overall. As the first eight gardens involved in this project, Nanjing Botanical Garden. Sun Yat-Sen (NBG) will proceed the native plants conservation in East China. Chen Jin, the Chairman of CUBG, also in charge of this project, visited the garden on September 11.

  Prof. LIU Qixin, technical leader of the project in NBG, first gave a summary of their first phase and emphasized on their following plan.

  “Multiple tools for biodiversity conservation should be comprehensively considered in the process of this project.” Chen advised after listening to their plan, “throughout the integration of resources, it will help to cultivate professional youths in NBG.”

  During the second phase, NBG will do more effort on program management, science popularization, cooperation with Jiangsu province and support of governments, as well as improve the construction of the garden, like building a living collection for native aquatic plants in Jiangsu Province. Prof. Xue Jianhui, the director of NBG, the team leader of the second phase, finally stressed.

  Then Prof. Chen was invited to give a lecture entitled Botanical Gardens' New Mission in Anthropocene.

Prof. Chen Jin gave a lecture in Nanjing Botanical Garden. Sun Yat-Sen

Prof. Chen visited the garden

Prof. Chen took a photo with Director Xue and other staffs in the project