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2017 CUBG Horticulture Training Course Opening Ceremony Holds in Kunming

2017 CUBG horticulture training course opening ceremony held in Kunming Botanical Garden on November 2, 2017. More than 50 people including 21 staff from 13 botanical gardens attended the meeting.

The participants will study in both Kunming Botanical Garden and Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) as before. “We hope you could be positive to tell us your opinions about our garden. We will let go of no chance to cooperate with you, since the horticulture is the epitome of a botanical garden, but the horticultural skills of the staff are the core of the horticulture.” Addressed by Dr. Sun Hang, director of Kunming Botanic Institute, CAS.

CUBG horticulture training course, as well as other two courses in environmental education and plant identification, has become the branded training programs for staff members of botanical gardens. They have been held for five years at a relatively set time since the launch of CUBG in 2013. Mrs. Yang Xi, training officer of CUBG, briefly introduced the training ideas and style of CUBG training courses. “Prepare your body and your mind for the course, and challenge yourselves. There is a way out. “ she encouraged.

Similar to other courses, three participants who make excellent performance during the training course will be provided a chance to study in Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh or some other famous botanical gardens in UK. Martyn Anthony Dickson, senior supervisor from Edinburgh, who is invited as the teacher expressed his expectation, he hoped that the participants could share more, think more and ask more, and build a friendly relationship with each other.

With the aim of raising horticulture capacity throughout botanical gardens nationwide, the schedule is arranged harshly. The theory course will take place in the morning, practice in the afternoon, discussion and presentation in the evening., the course will be composed of 24 subjects, including propagation technology – seed propagation and cutting propagation of plants; planting technology and habitat management; common diseases and pest insects in plants in botanical gardens; ornamental plant configuration and display aimed at knowledge dissemination; survey and gene collection norm and integrated conservation of extremely small population of wild plants; planning and building of collection garden, technique of plant transplantation. In Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG), the team members will design the course in six sections.

The course will last 14 days.


Dr. Sun Hang, director of KIB, made an address in the opening ceremony


Mr. Yang Xi from CUBG spoke in the ceremony


Prof. Martyn Anthony Dickson represented the teachers to make a speech


Prof. Sun Weibang, director of Kunming Botanical Garden, summarized at last


participants posed a group photo