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Initiative for Collective Conservation in Chinese Botanical Gardens
Promoting a more desirable conservation culture.
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赣南树木园举办植物信息管理系统(PIMS) 使用培训

by 朱仁斌 1624 views

12月11日,中国植物园联盟胡华斌秘书长率领植物信息管理系统(Plant Information Management System,简称“PIMS”)研发团队前往赣南树木园开展PIMS系统的使用培训。

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Top Ten XTBG News Events in 2017 Selected

by Jiao Yang 1922 views

2017 was a significant year for CUBG. On January 12, top ten XTBG news events were selected, and the

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Beijing Botanical Garden, IBCAS trained for the operation of PIMS

by Jiao Yang 33 views

To promote the standardized management of the plant records, Beijing Botanical Garden, Institute of

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by 1535 views


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Botanical Gardens Brainstorm for PIMS in Chongqing

by Jiao Yang 75 views

On October 9, 44 staffs from 22 units, with the system developing engineers, gathered together in Chongqing Nanshan Botanical garden to discuss how to optimize the system variously.

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by 曹志坤 1078 views

为了促进植物园植物信息的规范管理,联盟秘书处于10月9日在重庆市药物种植研究所药用植物园召开了中国植物园联盟植物信息管理系统(Plant Information Management System,简称“PIMS”)使用交流研讨会,旨在邀请前期参与PIMS测试的单位总结分享系统运行以来的管理方式、成果、存在问题等。

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by 曹志坤 537 views


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Living Plant Management Platform came into service in Shenyang

by Jiao Yang 15 views

On May 3, a field training about living plant information collection carried out in Shenyang Arboretum, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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by 488 views


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by 709 views


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