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Beijing Botanical Garden, IBCAS trained for the operation of PIMS

To promote the standardized management of the plant records, Beijing Botanical Garden, Institute of Botany, CAS held the operation training on Plant Information Management System (PIMS) on November 3.

Dr. Sun Guofeng, vice-director of the garden, hosted the course, and all staffs attended it. Prof. Zhang Zheng from South China Botanical Garden, the head of PIMS developing team, CUBG, first introduced the development background, function modules, data application & analysis. Under his guidance, the staffs could collect the plant data via an app called Bio-Surveyor and upload on the computer.

Besides, the staffs also discussed the whole management process and how to manage the data from distinctive collections characteristically.

PIMS is a management system developed by CUBG, and now more than 30 members have used this system to manage their plants and business.