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Hunan Forest Botanical Garden survied the south of Hunan

by Jiao Yang 125 views

During late April, Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, led by the director Peng Chunliang, made two trips for 9 days along the south of Hunan Province, including Nanyue, Yongzhou, and Zhangzhou to investigate the native plants there.

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“Full-Coverage” Project Makes Progress in Guangdong

by Jiao Yang 174 views

After the survey of Gudou Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve, located in Jiangmen, the team members of Guangdong “Full-Coverage” Project have made some progress in finding out.

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A Joint Plant Survey conducted in Pu’er area, Yunnan province

by Jiao Yang 135 views

A joint team brought together Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) and Jidong Subtropical Botanical Garden staffs 15 days to explore Wuliang Mountains and Ailao Mountains in Pu’er area and find ten native plants which listed in the threatened st

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Two New Species Have Been Found in the limestone area of Guangxi

by WEN Fang 167 views

Group members in Guilin Botanical Gardens have found two new species of Gesneriaceae when they surveyed the limestone area.

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Discovery of a diverse cave flora in China

by Jiao Yang 195 views

scientists from Guilin Botanical Garden and Kew Garden have expedited many times to the karst caves in southwest China and collected detail material. They have discovered 29 new species of cave-dwelling plants and established conservation bases for cave-

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First Rapid Assessment of Native Plants in Fujian Province finished

by Jiao Yang 385 views

The first rapid assessment of native plants in Fujian Province, Southeast of China, was organized by Fuzhou Botanical Garden.

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First Rapid Assessment of Native Plants in Fujian Province finished

by Jiao Yang 214 views

The first rapid assessment of native plants in Fujian Province, Southeast of China, was organized by

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First Rapid Assessment of Native Plants in Jiangxi finished

by Jiao Yang 1567 views

After 3-day discussion, 16 experienced experts from 7 botanical gardens and universities completed t

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Native Plants Conservation in Qin Mountain is On the Way

by Jiao Yang 147 views

After three-day discussion, 17 experts from scientific institutions and universities, proficient in field survey, finally listed the endangered status of the native plants in Shannxi Province, especially in Qin Moutains.

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Rapid Assessment Meeting held in South China Botanical Garden

by Jiao Yang 74 views

36 experts from botanical gardens, scientific institutions, universities and natural reserves gathered five days in South China Botanical Garden, CAS, assessing the endangered status of the plant species in Guangdong province, southern China.

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In West Hunan: Native Plants Investigation is Ongoing

by Jiao Yang 16 views

In early September, 13 experts headed for Badagongshan National Nature Reserve and Tianmenshan National Forest Park in west Hunan. They aimed to invent the native plants according the list of threatened grades assessed by the experts.

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Discussion on Conservation Methods for Native Plants in South China

by Jiao Yang 73 views

  Workshop on the project “Inventory and Conservation of Native Plants in Guangdong Province

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More Than 4000 Species Will Be in Conservation in Hunan

by Jiao Yang 15 views

Eleven experts, experienced in plant classification and wild plants, spent three days “holed up” at the end of August assessing the native plants in Hunan Province.

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Native Plant Investigation and Conservation Continues in Eastern China

by Jiao Yang 11 views

On the base of the last three-year field work, Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen (NBG) will further push forward the full conservation of the native plants in East China.

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More efforts invested in the native plant protection in North China

by Jiao Yang 11 views

The botanical garden of Institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences (IBCAS) initiated a meeting on May 18 for the inventory and protection of native plants in North China.

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