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Our work


  •  Plant Science Communication Project

         By conducting broad based pubic engagement activities in botanical gardens, this project is intended to inspire the enthusiasm of the public participation on environmental protection and scientific research.

It aims to assist 30 members of CUBG at least, who then could be capable of begin their environmental education on plants independently. (Project 3)

  •  Native Plants All-Cover Conservation Pilot Planning

        The planning is expected, in three years, to increase the native planting survival rate from 66% to 80% in botanical gardens, as well as the conservation rate of rare and endangered species improving from 34% to 70%. Meanwhile ten academic books are aimed to be published.

         Seven experimental botanical gardens will be selected from the members in the East, South, North, Central, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest parts of China, in consider of geographical region, coverage, species richness, affiliation and research capability and so on. The sevens will commit Sub-Projects from 1-1 to 1-7.  

          In addition, CUBG will also publish a compilation of China Species List. (Sub-Project 1-8)

  • Standards and Norms of Botanical Garden Construction

         Based on the extensive research and discussion, CUBG will compile a book running under the name Development and Guideline of Chinese Botanical Gardens (tentative title).

         The system of national standards for the construction and management of Chinese botanical gardens are going to be drafted and promoted. (Project 2) 

  • Botanical Garden Development Capability Construction

         CUBG is intended to pull off the following points for capability construction:

         1、Formulate the 13th Five-Year Plan of CUBG;

         2、Build up the general botanical garden data management platform;

         3、Cultivate 300 professional intellectuals who are undertaking the work in botanical gardens. CUBG will organize 10 professional training courses which include Horticulture, Environmental Education Research, Plant Classification and so on. Each course will last 15 days with 30 intakes. CUBG will                 also select 10, who are the cream of the crop, from these 300 to study in the relevant botanical gardens abroad.  

         4、Perfect the construction of CUBG’s Secretariat so as to serve CUBG and its members specifically. (Project 4)