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CUBG Secretariat arranges work for 2017

  CUBG Secretariat held its yearly work meeting on February 13. The meeting provided a detailed arrangement for its new year, CUBG’s project and secretariat progress.

  Staffs of Secretariat gave brief introduction on the work they were in charge of for 2017. Prof. Chen Jin, CUBG’s director, concluded the New Year’s plans of work. He hoped CUBG could focus on the primary achievements, such as promoting to display the results of Full-coverage Native Plants Protection, publishing China Botanical Garden Development Report and stepping up efforts to build the database platform.

  At the summary meeting last year, the expert panel regarded that the CUBG programs met the requirements and passed review. Combined the advices of the expert panel on the meeting, this year CUBG will strengthen its conservation efforts and cooperate more with its members through supervising the program implementation and carrying out personnel exchanges among members.

  This Work Plan will later email to its Council and members.