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CUBG Environmental Education Training Course 2013 completed

 The Training Course 2013 on Environmental Education Research in Botanical Gardens of the Chinese Union of Botanical Gardens (CUBG) was held during August 26 and September 8 at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG). 28 botanic garden staff from 18 botanical gardens around China participated in the training.

The training course focused on techniques for delivering innovative environmental education and also how to evaluate the success of environmental education programs. Prof. Chen Jin, Dr. Sophie Williams, and Mr. Wang Ximin were invited as training specialists. 

In the first week, the training specialists delivered a series of lectures concerning environmental education research and evaluation. A few students from XTBG shared their case studies. The teachers also guided the trainees to read literature in environmental education.

In the second week, the trainees were divided into 9 small groups to raise scientific questions, test their hypothesis, and design their experiment (including questionnaire). After a 3-day collection of data, the trainees analyzed their data and presented their results.

 The presentations by the trainees were exciting and won praise from the training specialists, which marked the training course a success.

Afterwards, certificates of completion were conferred on the trainees by Dr. Chen Jin, director of XTBG and chairman of CUBG. 


Dr.Sophie Williams(L) andDr. Chen Jin (R) teaching concept of environmental education, evaluation, and statistics 


Trainees share their design

Exchenge experience in interpreting environment.jpg

Exchenge experience in interpreting environment


Trainees with their certificates of completition