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Experts from Computer Network Information Center, CAS Visited XTBG

 Prof. Yan Baoping and Luo Ze, the experts from Computer Network Information Center, CAS, visited Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) during August 18-20.

They visited the gardens and then had a discussion with the staff from CUBG secretariat. Prof. Chen Jin, director of XTBG and also chairman of Chinese Union of Botanical Gardens (CUBG), attended the meeting. 

Prof. Hu Huabin, the Secretary General of CUBG secretariat, generally introduced CUBG’s state of development and reaches out advices on establishing the information data system of Chinese botanical gardens.

Yan advised that they could attach the importance to the pre-structural design work, and she also made the valuable suggestions on the server deploymentdata-authority and intellectual property protection which could become potential problems.  

“This platform could support real-time update and management dynamically.” Chen said. “It should be authoritative and influential around the global botanical gardens.”